Estate Agents’ Right to Sales Commission – A Look at Case Law – CPD Courses

Estate Agents’ Right to Sales Commission – A Look at Case Law – CPD Courses

CPD Courses Synopsis: This core CPD course examines the basic doctrines and issues of estate agents’ rights to their commissions with a look at the cases from the Singapore Courts, especially to understand why in situations where salespersons are denied their hard-earned sales commissions, and how to avoid such “heart-aches”, in protecting  their rights to the very lifeline of the real estate practice.

Credit Hours: 2 core CPD hours for the mandatory CPD courses scheme

Venue: Training Room at 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #06-11 HDB Hub (Take lift from Biz 3 building, Lift Lobby 2) – click here to see map

CPD Course Fees:

Price for C&H agency – $35 plus GST

Price for other agency – $45 plus GST

CPD Course Objectives:

  • Good working knowledge of a Realtor’s right to be paid sales commissions – when would it be due and how to protect such right.
  • Understand cases where various real estate agents sued for their sales commissions, when they succeed and when they did not, as well as the reasons & reasoning behind it.
  • Formulate certain steps and suggestions for Realtor to take home and apply in their practice.
  • Understand the implication of the Section 44 in Estate Agent Act 2010.

Target Audience: Salespersons and KEOs

Core Category Classification: C2 – Laws, Government Policies and Regulations related to estate agency work

Level of Course: Level 1

Serial Number: C2L1S0064

Speaker’s Profile:

Mr. Kenneth Tancpd course

LLB (Hons) National University of Singapore

Advance Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) Certified Trainer

A lawyer with over 20 years of practice experience in conveyancing, and more than 5 years of experience conducting seminars and talks to various real estate agencies, especially in C & H Properties Pte Ltd, where he often receives a ‘full house’ attendance for the training classes that he conducts, due to the experience and expertise of the law and regulations related to the industry that he brings.

How to Register:

To register for this core CPD course, please select which agency you belong to and then click “Add to Cart”.

*Please do not register for this course if you have attended it at Hastor previously.*

CPD Course: Estate Agents’ Right to Sales Commission – A Look at Case Law

      • 2 core CPD hours for the mandatory CPD courses scheme
      • Core Category Classification: C2 ; Level of course – L1
      • Class: 27 Apr 2017 (2pm-5pm)
      • Price for C & H agency: $35.00 plus GST
      • Price for other agency: $45.00 plus GST

To register for the class on 27 Apr 2017 (2pm-5pm)please select your agency before you click on “Add to Cart”:

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