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Avoid making inappropriate statements on other salespersons

Salespersons should be sensitive to the diverse, multi-racial and multi-cultural nature of society and not make statements on other salespersons that are discriminatory, offensive or stereotyped in nature against any particular race, religion or group in society. This includes not publishing and repeating such statements made by others about other salespersons in the mass/ social media. CPD courses.

Salesperson shall not make defamatory statements about other salespersons. They also shall not criticize or comment on the professional services, conduct of, or professional fees charged by fellow estate agents and salespersons. This includes not publishing and repeating such statements made by others about other salespersons in the mass/ social media. CPD courses.

a. Salesperson A badmouthed other salespersons in the internet.
b. Salesperson B shared negative and defamatory comments made by Salesperson C on other salespersons on her Facebook page.
c. Salesperson D commented to another client that Salesperson E charged high commissions.
Salesperson A, B, C and D should not have made or repeated offensive/ defamatory remarks on other salespersons. If they have reasonable grounds to suspect that another estate agent or salesperson has been guilty of unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct, they should report them, together with the evidence, to the CEA.

Report misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct of other salespersons to CEA – CPD courses

A salesperson who has reasonable grounds to suspect that another estate agent or salesperson has been guilty of unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct may make a report, together with the documentary and other evidence, to the CEA. CPD courses.

If an estate agent or salesperson learns that a person is committing an offence by undertaking estate agency work without a valid licence or registration, the estate agent or salesperson should immediately report the matter to the CEA, with the documentary evidence.

Salespersons shall not report or share any alleged misconduct of their fellow salespersons to the mass media or any social media. They shall report to their estate agent or to CEA so that the matter can be looked at without any unintended effect brought about by having the matter raised in the mass/social media. CPD courses.

Salesperson A wrote to the press to complain that Salesperson B had placed flyers on her car windscreen and damaged it. Upon investigations, it was later found that it was a developer staff who had placed the flyers on her windscreen. Salesperson A should have reported the matter to her estate agent or to CEA to look into the matter instead of complaining in the mass media. CPD courses.

Source: Practice Guidelines on Conduct between Salespersons

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