Disclose personal details when seeking information from other salesperson – CPD courses

Disclose personal details when seeking information from other salesperson

An estate agent or salesperson, when seeking information from another estate agent or salesperson concerning a property which is under an estate agency agreement, shall disclose his personal details (full name, CEA registration number, estate agent and contact details) if he is enquiring on his client’s behalf. CPD courses.

Do not mislead, deceive or make any misrepresentation to other salespersons – CPD courses

Salespersons shall not conduct or act in a manner that may mislead or deceive fellow co-broke salespersons. CPD courses.

Salespersons shall not make any misrepresentation to any other salesperson such as misrepresenting the availability of access to show or view a listed property. An estate agent or salesperson shall also not provide access to a listed property on terms other than those instructed or established by the property owner. CPD courses.

a. Salesperson A falsely claimed to Salesperson B that the client reduced the commission so that he could give Salesperson B a lower commission amount based on their pre-agreed commission sharing percentage.
b. Salesperson C falsely informed Salesperson D that the property had been sold or was not available when the latter responded to his advertisement.
c. Salesperson E represented his client who had agreed to pay him a commission of 2% of the transacted price of his property being sold. However Salesperson E informed the buyer’s salesperson, Salesperson F that he was only receiving a commission of 0.5% of the price. He did so as he did not intend to share his commission with Salesperson F. As such, Salesperson F sought commission from the buyer. Salesperson E’s misleading statement was found out by the buyer. Salesperson E had misled the buyer’s salesperson into thinking that he was collecting a small commission which resulted in the buyer’s salesperson seeking commission from the buyer. His misleading act brought discredit and disrepute to the estate agency trade.

Salespersons have a duty to avoid acts that may bring discredit or disrepute to the estate agency trade or industry, in particular fraudulent, dishonest, deceitful or misleading acts. CPD courses.

Source: Practice Guidelines on Conduct between Salespersons

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