(Online - ZOOM) P1: Real Estate Investment Calculations – The Case Study Approach (P103S0719)

Credit Hours
2 Professional Credits

Course Synopsis

This CPD course is aimed at raising the professional standards of KEOs and salespersons. It focuses on the foundation of knowing how to understand, identify, calculate and analyse investment risk and returns accordingly in a personalized and relevant manner.


CPD Course Objectives


Understand the role EA/RES play in facilitating real estate transactions:
– Importance and need of providing customized and personalized service that value-adds to the entire transaction process especially based on customer profile.


To equip real estate agents and salespersons with awareness and knowledge of providing relevant information to real estate customers that shall enable customers to come to a well-informed stage and hence enable decision-making:
– Learning how to include taking calculated risks after analysing the information
– Learning how to calculate the local capitalization rate
– Learning how to provide real estate investment return figures


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Course Details

14/05/2021 2:30 PM
14/05/2021 5:00 PM
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