Do not influence clients to cancel exclusive agency agreements – CPD courses

Do not influence clients to cancel exclusive agency agreements

Prior to or after the termination of a salesperson’s written agreement with his estate agent, the salesperson shall not influence clients of the estate agent to cancel exclusive agency agreements between the clients and the estate agent. CPD courses.

Extend reasonable co-operation to incoming salesperson appointed by client – CPD courses

If an exclusive agreement is terminated or lapsed and the client subsequently enters into an exclusive agreement with another estate agent, the outgoing salesperson shall extend reasonable co-operation to the incoming salesperson, including, if requested by the client, sharing information such as HDB Loan Eligibility Letter etc. that he had collected on behalf of the client, subject to the provisions of the PDPA and any confidentiality or intellectual property right undertakings. CPD courses.

Deal with the client’s salesperson and not directly with the client on matters concerning an exclusively listed property

Any dealings concerning a property that is exclusively listed shall be carried out with the client’s estate agent or salesperson and not directly with the client. CPD courses.

Salesperson A was engaged by his client to lease a property. He made an offer to lease the property to the landlord’s salesperson, Salesperson B. The offer was turned down by the landlord as it was too low. Salesperson A then asked for another viewing and attempted to approach the landlord directly to try to convince him to accept the offer. Salesperson A should have liaised directly with Salesperson B as Salesperson B was already appointed as the landlord’s salesperson.

Co-broke with other salespersons in a timely and co-operative manner

The duty to co-broke relates to the obligation to share information on the listed property, and to make the property available to all co-brokers for showing to prospective purchasers or tenants. CPD courses.

An estate agent or salesperson shall cooperate or co-broke his property listings with other estate agents or salespersons except when he has been specifically instructed against it by his client in writing in the estate agency agreement. CPD courses.

Co-broke salespersons should respond to requests for co-broking in a timely and co-operative manner.

Salesperson A called Salesperson B regarding a listing he put up. Salesperson B learnt that Salesperson A was not a direct buyer and rudely told him he would return his call later. Salesperson B did not return the call and also did not pick up the calls from Salesperson A subsequently. Salesperson B’s actions are unethical and not in the interest of his client. He should have responded to requests for co-broking in a co-operative manner.

Source: Practice Guidelines on Conduct between Salespersons.

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