Do not make false complaints – CPD courses

Do not make false complaints – CPD Courses

A salesperson shall not knowingly or recklessly file false or unfounded complaints against other estate agents or salespersons. They also shall not instigate or collaborate with other persons to file a complaint which they know to be false or baseless against other estate agents or salespersons. Under Section 64 of the Estate Agents Act, the filing of a false complaint may also be a criminal offence. CPD courses.

Resolve disputes amicably through estate agents or dispute resolution centres – CPD Courses

In the event of dispute between salespersons from the same or different estate agents, the salespersons should put forth their concerns or feedback related to estate agency work, professional integrity, conduct or behaviour of other estate agent or salespersons to their estate agent or to the CEA. CPD courses.

The estate agent shall be the first point-of-contact for salespersons to raise their feedback or concern. If the issue is beyond the estate agent to resolve or of concern to the industry, it should then be raised to the CEA.

Estate agents and salespersons should use the available mediation centres to resolve disputes amicably which they could not resolve between themselves.

Source: Practice Guidelines on Conduct between Salespersons

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